Julian Margeloiu

“Challenging, Exciting, Rewarding!”

Julian Margeloiu is the CEO at Bubblebytes.com in Romania. Previously he worked in a family business operating in the industrial equipment sales. After completing his MBA at Cass Business School he rejoined the digital space with an app/web development company. He has key expertise in online marketing, project management and small businesses. Julian worked with Gloria Msiska who distributes Health Supplements in Lilongwe, Malawi. Gloria is a distributor of Tiensi Herbal Supplements. The products (tea, pills etc.) are used as complements to traditional medicine in prevention and treatment of illness.

“I volunteered because education is extremely important to me.  I wanted to give a helping hand to someone who had had different opportunities to what I had had.”

“Our first call was a breeze! Gloria had excellent English and is very likable. At first It was really important to have her open up and explain all the problems she had. After that, I used a back and forth discussion rather than stating to her 'you have this problem'.”

“The business tools that I used during my analysis were highly customized versions of: SWOT, Cash Flow forecasting model, Porter 5 and 4 Ps of marketing. Between sessions I would do a couple of hours research before each session with sprinkled thinking during the week. We had about 14 sessions and each one would be about one hour long. Our emails were very limited due to entrepreneur's IT skills, however we communicated brilliantly by Skype.The objective that we worked on was how to keep more accurate financial details and expand the business (one new location).  On a larger scale, my objective was to help her think more with a business mind-set so that she could continue this work by herself after our sessions ceased. ”

“Some of the challenges I faced included Gloria was a bit reluctant in opening up with information she did not think was important (for example the seasonality of income due to tobacco farming). Gloria was also not computer savvy. This meant we had to do a lot without IT as trying to teach her basic skills would have used up a lot of our sessions when I felt I could make a real difference to her business in other ways.”

“Professionally, it was a good addition to my professional experience and a sharpening of my consulting skill. Gloria taught me a thing or two about dealing with customers. Personally I had a lot of joy from helping others and great pleasure in working with very motivated yet different people.”

“In terms of immediate benefit to Gloria she  has expanded her business in one new location and started using accounting to plan for the future.”

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“Little effort makes a huge difference!”

  • Ashridge Business School
  • MCA
  • Cass Business School
  • Institute of Leadership and Management
  • Bull Dog Trust
  • Westminster Business School
  • UK Aid
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